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Bespoke training

We have extensive expertise in the delivery of clinical care at medical and trauma emergencies, and in the development and deployment of a clinical governance framework that ensures that all such care is safe and effective.

Many providers will offer a “standard” package of Clinical Governance that is generic to all settings. LIVES believes that the Clinical Governance for an organisation should be based on sound principles but should be bespoke for the needs of the organisation.

Accredited training structure

There are elements that are essential to ensure a safe and effective organisation, and there are a small number of elements that could be considered as optional. Much of this depends on whether an organisation is undertaking Clinical Governance as a tick-box exercise, or whether the organisation fully embraces its responsibility to deliver care that is of the highest standard that is reasonable to achieve within the setting.

We have developed a training structure for our own people that is on a Level 1 to Level 4 continuum, accredited by Qualsafe. We also deliver education, training and clinical governance to organisations much wider than Lincolnshire and have been accepted onto the national procurement framework for Fire & Rescue and Police services.

Quality support

We believe that LIVES will provide you with a robust governance system that will not only provide assurance of your current practice, but also support and encourage future clinical developments and skills. This includes:

  • Enhanced access to a named person to manage your governance concerns. This will be a senior clinician with extensive experience in pre-hospital emergency medicine
  • An organisation that is proactive in approach, so we keep abreast of developments in PHEM and evaluate their relevance and application to our Clinical Governance offer. This means that we will continue to suggest and support innovative approaches that make a difference for both communities and your customer organisations.
  • An organisation that is reactive and responsive to need. This means that any clinical changes and developments that are requested will be dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner that recognizes the risk but not does not stifle development or indulge in excessive bureaucracy.

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