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Why LIVES training

Unrivalled up to date experience

Our trainers are clinically operational, bringing real world experience into their courses.

Continually improving skills

We invest in the CPD of our trainers to ensure their skills are a step above.

Support a
good cause

The money you spend will go back into LIVES, saving lives in Lincolnshire.

Curtis Dorbon

Clinical Education Manager

“I have a passion for enhancing pre-hospital education through innovative medical simulation. My journey began as a volunteer in 2013, where I developed valuable skills in community-based care. After a stint as a Paramedic, I returned to LIVES in 2020.
My focus has always been on pushing boundaries in medical simulation to empower providers with critical skills. LIVES aims to be a global leader in pre-hospital education, and together, we’re working to prepare pre-hospital providers for exceptional patient care.”

Emma Tancred

Community Response Development Lead

“I have 28 years’ experience in education and training, from pre-school through to the further education (FE) sector. My focus is on developing the offer we provide to our community first responders and external clients. My areas of expertise include trainer development, e-learning, and mentoring. I also hold an NVQ L3 certificate in British Sign Language and supported a Deaf student to access his GCSEs in a mainstream school.”

Michael Scragg

Educator - Paramedic

“I deliver a wide range of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care course to external clients and our own First Responders. I take pride knowing that every person that I educate can deliver emergency care to people in their hour of need. Prior to my role as an Educator, I have worked frontline in the Ambulance Service and deployed around the world in both peacetime, and during conflict, in the Armed Forces.”

Chris Long

Educator - IQA Lead

“I started my career with the military and served for 28 years worldwide. Although my trade was not Medical, I put myself through Paramedic Training whilst serving on an exchange posting with the USAF. On leaving the forces, I undertook medical requalification training to work for the UK Ambulance Service, and started working for East Midlands Ambulance Service in 2015. I stayed with them until I moved to LIVES as a Pre-Hospital Educator in Sept 2021.”

Adam Turner

Educator - Paramedic

“My healthcare journey started in 2012, volunteering as a LIVES Community First Responder before pursuing a career in the ambulance service. I re-joined LIVES full-time in July 2023 as an Educator-Paramedic. My role involves delivering a range of Pre-hospital Emergency Care courses to LIVES Responders and organisations such as the Fire and Rescue Service. I still respond as a paramedic with LIVES and the NHS to maintain my clinical competencies.”

Darryl Towers

Educator - Level 3 Responder

“I’ve been a CFR for nearly 10 years. I was a falls responder for 2 years and now a full time educator. A fun fact about me is I’m once seen never forgotten.”

Steve Parrott

Educator - Level 4 Responder

“I am one of the full time educators at LIVES, a job which I enjoy doing very much. Not only am I loving teaching the new LIVES First Responders, and front line Fire and Rescue responders, I also love going on courses myself to improve my knowledge and skills.
My hobbies include Martial Arts, Boxing, Swimming, Scuba Diving which I am also trained as a rescue diver and instructor. I also train German Shepherds alongside my wife Sue for protection work.”

Chloe O’Gorman


“I am a First Aid Educator for LIVES with a background of Community Dental Nursing in London. I became interested in becoming an educator for LIVES, when I moved to the area and worked as a Casualty Actor, which I still do from time to time. I’ve seen first-hand the impact that LIVES medical training has had on individuals and teams and wanted to be a part of it. I am also a LIVES Community First Responder and respond in my local area which is very rural. In what spare time I have, I’m kept very busy looking after my 2 little boys.”

Michael Waddicor


“I worked in the Electronics and Software Development industry for most of my career, however, in 2014 I joined LIVES as a Community First Responder and became a LIVES District Trainer a year later. During this time I developed a passion for teaching and joined the Education Team in 2017. A fun fact about me is that I was privileged to be one of the divers who worked on the wreck of the Mary Rose (The Tudor warship that sank in the Solent in 1545).”

Tim Kirk


“My name is Tim Kirk and I have been with LIVES for 5 years now. I started in fundraising before becoming a CFR and I also work for the Falls team. I like to climb, and I met King Charles after climbing Mount Snowden for one of his charities.”

Amy Tancred


“Hi, I am Amy and I am an educator for LIVES. I have 8 years experience in education and specialise in SEN with additional medical needs. I have a particular interest in mentoring and development of training. I am creative and absolutely love reading, I also won a competition for a short story I wrote.”